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24/7 CheckIn Hotel Am Klostergarten

24/7 check-in
If the reception is unoccupied, check in at any time (from 1 p.m.) with your reservation number, your name or your ID


The check-in terminal is always accessible to you, regardless of whether you already have a reservation with us or not. The area around the check-in terminal is under video surveillance to prevent misuse.

For late arrivals

Since our reception is not staffed 24 hours a day, our check-in terminal can also be used as an express check-in option. With your reservation number or ID you can access your reservation, pay immediately if necessary and receive a receipt and your room card!

Key lost?

If the unfortunate event occurs that you have lost the key or the key card is defective, you can easily create a new key on the terminal!


  • Enter your booking number (received by email) or scan your ID

  • Pay the amount by card (this does not apply if costs are covered) and print out a receipt (this does not apply if costs are covered)

  • Add personal details and check address details

  • Confirm the terms and conditions and sign the registration form with your finger

  • Remove the key card to the right of the door and hold it on the card reader to open the door

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